Monday, April 18, 2011

Today's post is brought to you by the letter O

Outport - model outport, in St. Mary's

"How you getting on, me old trout? Me and the old woman are going out in the boat, do you got any extra oil skins on hand that will fit her?"

"Sure thing old buddy, I got a set out by the door owing to company that comes every once in a while."

oil skins - any outer clothing worn by fishermen that has been treated with oil to make it waterproof

old man - husband

old man's beard - a lichen which grows on evergreen trees and is beard-like in appearance

old trout - a friendly way to address a male (also old cock)

old woman - 1. wife, 2. inedible part of a lobster located inside the lobster near the eyes. So called because it resembles an old woman sitting in a rocking chair

on hand - to have something close by, ready for use

orphan - the dough left over after bread is baked that is too small to make another loaf. Often gets made into toutons

out by the door - outside

outporter - anyone who lives in an outport

owing to - because of

Sorry, I'm still a little slow getting around to your blogs, today is the last day of studying. (well sort of, still have to do my provincial registration May 18, but it will be the last hard core studying for a while). If you leave a link, I will get back to you faster... and if I haven't been to your blog in a while or its of a pressing matter feel free to srop me a line via email -> link on the side.


  1. Those are models in the photo? Impressive!

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  3. That's a fine bunch of "O's." Nautical but Nice... O that was the last one.

  4. you are just as busy as can be!
    Here's to a good payoff for all your studying!
    Have a good week!

  5. I always enjoy your alphabet. If I ever get "out east" I may be able to follow a conversation.

  6. I'll take that orphan in--oh yes I will!!!

  7. As always, an utter delight. Outstanding! :)

  8. Who would have thought O could be so confusing !


  9. I'm never going to think of old women the same way.

  10. Love the jargen twist on A-Z! Good luck with your studies!


  11. I've just been catching up with your blog and I love it. Looking forward to the rest of your alphabet! :)

  12. I be hard pressed to utter one of those. You can probably figured which one. LOL! *blush

  13. What's an outport? Incredibly, I'm being serious. Another question...does it have outhouses?

  14. You're doing a fabulous job with your alphabet posts - love 'em!

  15. What a great set of vocabulary words on "O"

    I like old cock the best. Well really I like it better new, but I guess that would have been yesterday. ;)

    I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here. I too am a full time student and as an adult it somehow seems like much more of a struggle getting things to stick in your brain.

    I'll be back.

  16. Since Betty's taking the orphan, I'll take the old lady.

    PS Your comment on Oilfield's blog is hilarious.


  17. Man.... Love that you translate these for us. I feel like I don't know English at all when trying to read them without your decoder.