Monday, March 22, 2010

boredom, stress or procrastination

2 days until my OSCE. 25 freaking percent. 2 stations of fascia, frictions and joint play
3 days until my physiology test.

Monday is my 1/2 day this semester, so let's see, since I got home, I wrote a POF letter to a pain in my ass, re-heated some salsa soup, found some mini chocolate bars in the cupboard told myself just one and ate three, put out the dog, watched days of our lives and spent an hour on chatroulette..... am I bored? yes, am I stressed? maybe, am I procrastinating? HELL YES!

The highlight of my day thus far: my Assessments instructor saying that he's not an asshole, no matter what his face says! so as a rule of thumb, when your mind blanks, don't look at him, he won't help you.

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