Friday, April 16, 2010

Now the fun begins!

Exams are over! Wrote my last one of the semester this morning... and passed them all!

Over the past week, I have been writing myself notes, (because I'm cool like that) of things I want to get accomplished during my week off. There are about 20 of them. Some of the notes were pretty straight forward, mow lawn, clean bathroom, sleep, go to the grand opening of the new thrift store, groceries, read books for school, drink many beers, plant seeds, call dentist, find sock monster, that sort of thing. Then there are the notes I have no idea what I was thinking: water the fish, have tea party, kill mushroom, cobbler, weedsnipper, dirt etc.

So if anyone wants to come to my house for a tea party where we kill mushrooms while drinking beers and watering the fish, you're more than welcome!

Beginning tommorrow morning, I will be breaking out the bags of dirt and all the seed packets, cleaning the yard and reading. Tonight I will be having a well deserved beer, and rewatching New Moon. YEAH!!

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