Saturday, April 3, 2010

what was I thinking?

Impulse control is not a stong suite of mine, over the years I have done some rather stupid things, because the moment struck me. Since becoming a mother, I have tried my very best to be in control when the boredom strikes.... well today I got carried away!

Yesterday was good friday, I spent the bulk of the day in the back yard reading the Poisonwood Bible (ignoring school work for 1 glorious day) soaking up the sun. Not doing a hell of a lot. I followed up the evening with The Blind Side and Sherlock Holmes. Didn't do a hell of a lot.... being home all day left me a little antsy.

Today while my daughter was at guitar lessons, my sister (who is visiting) and myself are wandering through wal-mart, and we find ourselves standing in front of the hair dye.

Do you see where this is going?

Eight months ago, I grew my hair for the second time to donate to Pantene Great Lengths, I gave them 10 inches of poopy brown hair with reddish, orangish, blackish, blondish highlights (hency the poopy colour). Since then I have been keeping my hair short, but au natural.

Well, my sister starts going on about blondes having more fun, needing a change etc etc. Before I knew what I was doing I grabbed a box of bleech and flicked it in my cart. I have been every shade of brown and red over the years, NEVER blond. I just don't think I have the personality to carry it off, not even blonde highlights.

SO, now here I sit, my scalp is tingling and the air is amonia scented... I am 15 minutes away from being the one thing I never thought I would be... a blonde.

This may NOT go well...


  1. You are so courageous! I've never dyed my hair, but now that I've found my first shiny white, I think a bottle o' dye is in my near future. :)

  2. I just bleached my hair as well!! the first bleach produced ORANGE the second time yeiled's a work in progress I suppose. It's certainly different....

  3. different it is...I'm kind of a light rusty yellow. Not sure if I'm going to keep it or not.

    That is the good thing about hair, it grows back!.

    MLS- dont' pluck the white ones, they come back with friends!