Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bra Shopping

Without really thinking that mother's day is tomorrow, I decided to brave the mall. I hate shopping for myself because it is always a disaster...

Bra shopping sucks more than regular shopping. It doesn’t matter what the tag says or how many times you've been measured: until you try it on, you have NO IDEA of whether or not it will hold the girls.

So after striking out at at my first stop, I find myself at Sears pacing the bra section, sorting through drawer after drawer of bras, longing to make my selections from the wall of cute perky bras, for women whose boobs aren’t the size of mountains, hating that I’m about be forced into some horribly lit changing room to get re-measured and to try on these contraptions.

Matters cease to amaze me, I found a total of 4 bras, all only slightly less ugly than the bras my grandmother used to wear, in the “correct size”. One, promises "bounce control”. The picture on the tag for this bra is a woman I could easily break in two over my knee. Her need for “bounce control” is like my 10 year old daughters: pretty much non existent. Seriously, the girl was even skinnier than the usual ones and had very little smooshed into her bra that is clearly a size too small. Bounce control,HA! As if that model had any bounce to start with.

So off I go to the chamber of horrors, under the charming glow of the florescent lights, I try on the bras. One of the four fit, SCORE!

I’ve pretty much killed whatever patience I have, and am in desperate need of my "Happy Juice" (coffee) so I pick up the one bra that fits and head back to the underwear section in hopes that miraculously I missed one pretty bra in the same size.

I found one! With matching undies to boot, thinking it was too good to be true, I buy it without bothering to try it on.

I pay an insane amount of cash for my finds and get quickly get my butt out of the crowded mall, grumbling the whole way home about the construction on the roads, the rain, the lack of plans for the evening, what to get for supper, the lack of selection, and the amount of money I just spent on three items.

So here I sit, looking at one ugly bra that fits, and a really cute bra with matching undies that holds approximately 1/2 of one boob and the giant bag they came in, knowing full well that the cute one has to be returned and I don't want to do it.

I wonder where porn stars get their bras?


  1. Don't know the answer to THAT question... I buy in the kids department. (Not really, but all bras are a pain and I hate them. I only put one on to leave the house and it comes off as soon as I walk in)

  2. I agree. Bra shopping is the worst. I always end up with bras of different sizes; the ones I try on are either way too small or a bit too big; the cute ones, of course, seem to be for women whose girls are so small they probably don't need a bra..etc. I totally empathize with you and your girls on this one. :)
    Happy Mother's Day, nonetheless!

  3. I was in theatre for a rather long time, and once you've had costumes that require four people to get you into and out of them - bra shopping is much less an ordeal than it once was.

    A tip though. For "serviceable" everyday, aka ugly bras, Sears and such are good. If you want a cute, truly supportive, honestly going to fit and make the girls look OMG super amazing, suck up your pride and your body image issues and go to LaSenza or the like. Actually, I find they're pretty good for just plain old bras too, if a bit pricey (though I don't like their sportsbras). It may take a couple of trips to scout out the day when it isn't some 16 year old working, because you really want the day when it's the 40-year-old woman who knows everything there is to know about boobs, but it's well worth it. And be prepared to get to know that saleslady *very* well.

    Though I do understand now why my Mom always said you needed a freaking PhD to buy women's underwear...