Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good-bye LOST

I refrained making any comments to anyone until I could re-watch the series finale. Now that I have seen it twice... I have to say, brilliant!

I've been a Lostie for years, never missing an episode. I've been thirsting for answers for years, and the way they chose to end it, worked. They decided to make the finale about the characters...the passengers of flight 815.

The show was about friends who were linked before they ever crashed. Drawn together by so many outside forces, and who were brought together by themselves one more wonderful time. It gave me chills!

Only change I would have made: Sawyer ending up with Kate.


  1. Only watched this one once, when it first aired.

  2. I would have to disagree on the Sawyer part. I was always a Sawyer/Kate fan, until Juliet. He was so much happier with her and she made him a better person. Just my opinion! Glad to find another Lost Lover!!

  3. I stopped watching a long time ago. Glad you were happy with the finale!

  4. I had to watch it two days later than the final aired and it was torture! Everyone has an idea about it and most people didn't even get it. How very stupid of them. The annoying comments I've heard almost ruined it for me but when I watched it finally I loved it!!! My boyfriend got very emotional :) I did too really. We spent 6 years caring for those people and that island with the promise of all green forests with your past life's responsiblities all gone =)

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