Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not your average wonderland

The past few nights I have been having unusual dreams. Parts of the dreams are real, and then there are parts that make absolutely no sense.

The night before last, I was running through a field of bright purple flowers with my pathophysiology instructor and 2 class mates, but the field suddenly dropped off to nothingness and my instructor tipped over the edge while me and my classmates didn't miss a step. We hopped over the nothingness into our classroom, where an odd camelish creature was throwing flip flops at my daughter.

Last night, the same two classmates and I were watching a video of a carpel tunnel surgery, but I was getting queesy so we went to starbucks, but they had run out of coffee, so me and the male classmate went to Guatemala to pick some coffee beans, but we got lost and ended up riding the camelsih creature to a chocolate waterfall, but kiddo started throwing flip flops at me.

Through my dream research today, I have learned that not many people obsess about creatures that appear vaguely similar to hairless camels and flip flops!

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