Thursday, June 10, 2010

The house next door

The house next door is for sale! Today I sat on my front step and watched the people comming and going from the open house. (not too weird right)

A few facts about our neighborhood:
1. husband and I are the only couple until 40
2. its a very quiet neighborhood (reason fact #1)
3. I really really want an under 40 couple to move in next door
4. the only people who went to the open house were not even close to 40!

There is another open house on Sunday, I am giving serious thought to sitting out there again, and "discouraging" older couples from buying it! Would that be awful?

Would I be called a home sale wrecker?


  1. Play loud music and curse. That'll do it.

  2. ugh i just left you the longest comment and then lost my wireless connection - if i didn't get tripped up on the word verification it would have gone through boo!

    hey, it could be worse, in our complex, we're the oldest because we're too poor to buy and everyone our age owns in the burbs if i ever get a ft job again we'll be able to buy. :(

  3. I actually enjoy old neighbors -- at least as long as they're the "quiet" type and not the "nosy" type.

    Some oldies want to be up in your grill, and I'm not down with that.

  4. Our neighborhood has gone so downhill, any new neighbors are scary.

  5. Just can't wait to see how you discourage them!! Please tell us!

  6. You should video tape it and make a vlog of it.

    Tell unsuspecting older couples that vampires live in the attic.