Friday, April 24, 2015

U is for Underwear

A good pair of underwear is just kind of important when running.  You want them to stay in place (no riding or bunching) and to wick away sweat (not an area you want to chafe)
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  1. OMG I had undies that ride up. I don't care how granny panties my undies look, I go for comfort.

  2. Oh, that is so true. On the podcast Stuff You Should Know, the guys sometimes advertise which I keep thinking might be worth checking out. ~grin~ You can find me at, which is number 1209 on the A to Z list today.

  3. I don't run myself, but I can see you're having fun, here. Anne Stenhouse, novels now.

  4. They seem so little:) They would fall under my BIF (Bum In Front and find there way into you know where-I like comfie and I find men don't care for little underwear as they want something that is under that. Oops sorry I went waaaayyyy off track:)

  5. Agreed,good looking and comfortable undies are a mus. :)

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