Friday, January 9, 2015

Wanna try something new?

All week I'm being asked if I made any resolutions, and the answer is no.  When I decide to do something has to be because I want to, not because its the start of a new year, or its a new week or because someone asked me to, I have to want to succeed.  Countless times I've said "I'll start that diet on Monday" then Monday would roll around and something would come up, I'd get frustrated and swear I would start the following week... so resolutions are not my thing.  

BUT, I do like to try new things, sometimes hard things!  You just have to make the effort to make the time, turn off the tv and get out there, and not worry about looking foolish, easy peasy right?!

Want to try something, but not sure what - I have a list!

1.  Learn to play an instrument - did I mention I have new bodhran?!?!?!
2. Jump into the ocean.
3. Learn to say "I love you" in a foreign language. Practice on everyone.
4. Volunteer.  Animal Shelter, Food Bank, Race, Hospital
5. Spend the whole day snuggling in bed watching TV with the ones you love (preferably not ill)
6.  Complement a stranger. (It will make their day)
7. Go sledding.
8.  Make a scrapbook.
9. Cook an entire meal from scratch and have your friends over to enjoy it.
10. Adopt an endangered animal.
11. Create an online photo album so you can share picture with family and friends.
12. Try a subscription box!  (I am narrowing down which I'm gonna get)
13. Re-read your childhood favorite book.
14. Mail Valentines to your friends.
15. Go fishing.
16. Take a trip (come on seat sale)
17.  Build a giant sand castle.
20. Clean out your closet and donate everything you haven't worn in the past year to charity.
21. Grow a garden - flowers herbs, grass, whatever.
22. Learn sign language.
23. Forgive someone.
24. Donate blood (again)
25. Learn how to change a tire.
26. Blog.
27. Write a thank-you letter.
28. Unplug for a day - no cell phone, internet or tv.
29. Make an emergency kit for your car.
30. Vote.
31. Invite your friends over to play board games.
32. Take a scuba diving course (have the paperwork done)
33. Tell a stranger to have a nice day.
34. Go to a museum, movie theater or restaurant alone.  Enjoy your own company.
35. Eat lunch outdoors, pack a picnic, go to a park or sit out in the yard.
36. Invent your own cocktail, adorn it with umbrellas, stir sticks and edible glitter.
37. Shop locally.  Only buy items within a small radius of your home for an entire week, or month.
38. Let someone else order for you at a restaurant.
39. Read the community newsletter or noticeboards and find out whats on the go and get involved.
40. Watch a sunrise, sunset or both.
41. Blow bubbles.
42. Try a new look - a new hairstyle or clothes you wouldn't usually wear.
43. Bake a birthday or celebration cake for someone.
44. Learn to meditate, try yoga or pilates.
45. Look up your family tree, or ask relatives for their favorite memories of a loved one.
46. Get together with someone you haven't seen in while, or call them up and chat.
47. Make homemade bread.
48. Take your camera with you for the whole day and capture anything and everything.
49. Take a road trip without a set destination and see where you arrive.
50. Listen to a new genre of music and keep an open mind.
51. Clean up litter on a beach, in a park or your neighborhood.
52. Train for and complete a MARATHON (will happen this year!)

You never know you might just find something new you love :)


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Run Ruiner!

With the HypoThermic 1/2 Marathon weeks away my kms are climbing.  Sunday morning shortly after 9, I donned some of my favorite gear and set out for my planned 16K long slow run.  -3 degrees.  I could see my breath, I could hear the crunch from last night's dusting of snow under my feet.   I passed Tim Horton's and started the slow incline of the Junction Road.  

Since I started running clients, family and friends have remarked most about me running alone on the Junction, aprox 11K of highway with frequent wildlife sightings and speeding cars.  What if you see a moose?  Do you carry your cell phone?  What if something happens?  Aren't you afraid of cars?  I usually grin and assure them when I'm on the highway I'm highly visible in my brightly colored reflective gear, I have my Road Id on my ankle, I carry my cell phone, my music is not too loud, my husband knows my route and always does a drive by at the hour mark and being afraid is not the way to enjoy life, and  there are about 6 inches of pavement between the white line and shoulder of the road I consider mine. (that also generally ends the conversation)

So Sunday morning business as usual.... until the 7K mark.....  I hadn't seen a car in while, I was singing along to my music when some yahoo decides to pass another car on a solid line while travelling at well over the speed limit, forcing me to jump off my 6 inches of pavement to the uneven icy shoulder and tork my left knee!

The text to husband went something like "slightly hurt, not stopping, walking it off, bring water"  I kept going to my 8K turn around, alternating run, walk, run, walk.  Husband appeared at KM 9 with my water and proceeded to the forestry station another 1.5K away.  By the time I got back to him I was done - it was too much.

Stupid jerky yahoo a solid line means NO PASSING!  Not sure where you were going so early on a Sunday morning - but next week try leaving home 5 mins earlier so you're not in such a mad tear!  I had to cut my run short and I'm hobbling around with SpiderTape encompassing my left knee because of you, ya run ruiner!

Tomorrow we head to St. L for Christmas break - my plan has changed a little and my next long slow run will be on the highway out there....if you see someone running along in bright purple reflective try giving them that little bit of road :)

- I think I may have finally found a running gel that doesn't taste how I imagine ectoplasm tastes :) more to come on that & how I was hit by a truck

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fit, Fab & Fuel

Look at me go! 2 days in a row :)  Maybe I'm getting my groove back?!
A little bit ago I spotted the Fit, Fab & Fuel Holiday Swap, and of course I jumped in :)  We send a little package of our fav fuel (anything that keeps us going) to one person and get a little package from another; all random of course AND by doing so we get to meet new people.

 I sent a package to Anna at Pipers Run,  and I learned a few things about her
  1. Her blog is called after her nickname (which was Sandpiper, but got shortened to Piper)
  2. She is from Nova Scotia
  3. She's a runner
  4. She has 2 little girls
  5. She's been blogging about 3 years!

I got this package from Janelle at Wholly Healthy

 I never heard of Lip Shit before, if i did it would be up there on my list; just so I could ask husband -  "hon, have you seen my Lip Shit?"  Lip Shit! love the name, and it will come in handy during the Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon in Feb! Rudolph is super cute and has already found a home on my tree  :)
 And in the process I learned a few things about Janelle too
  1. She is a psycology student:)
  2. She likes to eat clan, exercise regularly and use products as natural as possible
  3. She has a pup :)
  4. She enjoys summer reading
  5. She likes to try new things  (Little Life Box, Paws and Play Box, FitFabFun Box)
Thanks to Running with SD and Naturally Fit Sisters  for hosting this Swap, I had fun, and can't wait to do it again next year.

Did you see how I added that in there?  Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon?  Yep 1/2 marathon #3!  Not bad for less than 2 years of running (go me)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Brain fart

I'm not a total flake!  In the process of trying to rid the house of the giant killer dust bunnies, I did find several sticky notes in various locations with my scribbles...

toenails optional
underwear gnomes
me lover
chicken wings

If I can remember what I was thinking when I jotted them down its gonna be some post :)

Not my car - but something I would do!  (outside Target on Sat)

In other news, Fadder just gave his 101 donation of blood!  The Southern Gazette had a little write up about him HERE

I am gonna stop being a horrible blogger and get my arse in gear again.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I ran away from home

A little over a week ago, I ran away from home.  I boarded a plane and headed for Toronto.

Landing in Toronto brought back memories of flying home with husband and kiddo except this time I was alone - and about to take on something that wasn't even on my radar 2 years ago - the Niagara Falls International 1/2 Marathon!!!

Saturday morning after breakfast with an old friend, we were in the parking lot saying our good-byes before I headed into the Run Expo.  In the corner of my eye I spotted something familiar - black and yellow running jackets 4 of them.  Well, I know the black and yellow!  Without hesitating I called out "Hey, PRC!" and darted across the lot - Paradise Running Club - they were in Niagara to run the marathon too!  A quick goodbye was shouted back to my old friend and off I went with my new yellow friends.

After picking up our race kits and touring the expo together I decided come Jan I am joining the super supportive PRC (even though its over 4 hour drive from where I live).

After lunch it was time for the Massage Conference and an early night.

Sunday morning - race time!  Full on panic mode!  I had been too busy spending time with friends and making now ones that I forgot husband and kiddo were not with me - I was about to run a 1/2 marathon without my cheering section - could have vomited I was so scared.  The call went out to husband and he talked me down, but the time we drove as close to the start line as the road closures would allow, I was ready!
(Pre-Race Terrified & rocking my #sweatpink laces)

I walked up to the runner's tent and cuddled into some strangers for warmth then thought it best to visit the port-a-potties before the run went off.  When I am calm I even makes friends in line for the loo!

I hit a little bit of an emotional wall about 19K in - I just wanted to stop, I was done emotionally, but didn't go all that way to quit!  I put my head down and kept plugging along.

after two hours and forty minutes I crossed the finish line with tears in my eyes, and heard my name being called - I looked up saw old friends and a beautiful bunch of flowers from husband and kiddo - I did it!

(cool and calm post-race)

I never would have thought it a possibility not that long ago, I have come a long way and I am so proud of myself, but I realize that I could NOT have done it without the support of some amazing friends, my beautiful daughter and the love of my life.  THANK YOU!

Thank you D for picking me up at the airport and giving me a place to stay and putting up with my crap, for dropping me at the start line and calling my name when I was done!
Thank you S for coming out to breakfast and for understanding when I ran off to hang with the yellow jackets!
Thank you K for cheering for me at the finish, and a great day out shopping!
Thanks Mudder for coming to stay with the kid and driving me to the airport!
Thank you to PRC for being so welcoming and encouraging at the expo - see you at the Santa Shuffle!
Thank you all!

Mostly thank you Vincent and Bria for encouraging me, for going to all my races and cheering me on, for understanding, for the flowers, and for being the 2 most important people in my life. (yes I am crying as I type this)

I think a full is in my future!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014