Friday, April 30, 2010

Gnome no more

Earlier this month, I posted about mysterious garden gnomes cutting all my rose bushes back. Well today, I caught one!

Anatomy was cancelled this afternoon, so I deviated from my regular schedule. As I drove around the corner, I saw movement in the front garden, and instinctively slowed down. My brain going 100 miles a minute I slowly inched the car forward to see around the fence.

There was my gnome, holding a pair of garden shears and looking at the rose bushes.

Turns out he's not really a gnome, but the gentleman from across the street. He just didn't like the way I trimmed my roses, and was trying to fix them without hurting my feelings.

I liked it better when he was a gnome.


  1. That is hilarious! But nice of him, as long as you like what he did with the hedges. :)

  2. Maybe the gnome is still the source of the problem and went to complain to him, being as he's taller and more capable of doing the trimming. The little guy wanted more sunlight under that bush.
    PS I like the gnome idea better too.