Monday, May 31, 2010

Are you sure it wasn't you?

So today was an extraordinarily long day, anatomy followed by pathophysiology and then clinic. I happened into a mid snooze, when the girl sitting next to me starts poking me in the leg, startled I say "did you know a jelly fish is 95% water?" WHAT? Either I've watched too much TV in my life, read to my Uncle John's bathroom readers or just draw your own conclusion...but I'll tell ya, I was TIRED.

I have a snorey (is that even a word) husband. He snores a lot. Now, I know this is a pretty common complaint for wives and girlfriends, but I'm just not 100% sure its the snoring that bothers me the most. Sure it disturbs my sleep, like last night, and it leads me to fall asleep in random places and blurt out the oddest of statement. But. if it were the snoring, I could gently jab him in the ribs with my elbow and tell him to roll over. Nope, too easy. The issue I have is that he refuses to believe he snores! Whenever I make a swing at him to tell him, he awakes with a start and says, “I wasn’t even sleeping! How could I be snoring?!?”

So I know there are times I wake up from a dream confused. But, there is no confusing the noise that comes out of my husband: it’s snoring. It’s bad! No matter how many times I wake up grumpy because of the freight truck roaring through our room, he still denies it. ”But I don’t snore!” "I might talk in my sleep, but I definitely don't snore." Even worse than him denying it, and this is what he pulled last night, causing me to fume for another 30 minutes after he fell back to sleep... “Are you sure you weren't the one snoring?”


  1. Ha! I could have written this a few years ago. Now, mine knows he snores, he wakes himself up!

  2. Oy. Men and their snoring, and their denial about their snoring! My suggestion is to tape record him snoring. My friend did that to play it for her husband as proof. It worked, but -of course- he still snores.
    Hang in there.

  3. LOL! That is so funny. I don't snore, but my wife definitely sleep talks. She wakes me up all the time and I play along for awhile. Then she wakes up and gets so ticked at me. She is the one that woke me up in the first place!

  4. Haha!!! I elbow my hubby every time he snores! Its a long night for me if he falls asleep before me.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This sounds like my mom and stepdad!!!! TOO funny!!!!