Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unexpected blah

I'll try just about anything once, especially if it sounds fun. So spur of the moment this afternoon (we got off class early) I find myself at Knight's Beach, up to my knees in Lake Erie, the sun beating on my arms, listening to the lopping of the waves, gazing out into the water. It was nice.

Since it was a non-planned outing, the trailer I ended up at was low on supplies, aka food, after raiding the cupboards, we came up with a giant bag of trail mix, crispers, licorice and 3 chocolate bars. This was not your average trail mix, it was better, lots of dried fruit, tons of almonds and cashews, yum. There was even something unexpected in the bag that I had never tried before....

Banana chips! Are they bananas? Are they chips? They’re not as healthy as bananas, or as good as chips. I would like to take this opportunity to state, that I am no fond of the banana chip.

Make up your damn mind banana chips. You confuse me!


  1. Love your photo's. I don't mind dried fruits or trail mix. In fact I usually have some to snack on anyway. I don't mind dried banana at all, but I would rather have the fresh thing. I love dried figs.....but we all know what that leads too! Ugh!