Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to use the bathroom at school.

Ok boys, LISTEN UP, there are fewer of you then there women on the first floor of the school, that means if there a line up for the ladies room, I'm using the men's room, and well, here are a few tips...

You guys seem to have a “lack of accuracy” and your “aim” is off. Either lift the damn seat, or wipe the dribbles off the seat, pick one. (if you choose to lift the seat, please put it down when you are done.

Toilet paper and soap are two of the most used items in the washroom. One should only use as much toilet towels as one needs and then ensure that it is properly deposited into the garbage can, not dropped on the floor. Talking of soap, try letting the tap run for 2-5 seconds extra so that your soap bubbles actually go down the drain.

If you find that basic toilet necessities like paper paper and soap are finished, it is now your duty to inform the correct people. They will ensure supplies are immediately provided so the next person will not be left high and undry.

NEVER forget to flush the toilet after the use; I am not interested in what you ate for lunch.

One more thing... the washroom does have a fan, its that switch right next to the one that turns on the light, try using it once in a while.


  1. Wait, you share a bathroom with boys at school? I am confused.

    I am a sit down pee-er. That way my wife can never get angry with me. This is great advice for the non sit downers.

  2. Men are lucky, they can pee sitting down or standing up, but you have to remember, when we sit down, if we don't 'tuck' ourselves carefully, we will still make a mess.

  3. I want to print this out and hang it up all over the mens bathroom where I work! disgusting!!

  4. Ha ha, to Joe! I raised three boys and can certainly attest to that!

  5. Well boys sit er down, and tuck er in. It will make the ladies a little happier.

  6. I have to defend some of the guys here. We can't help the 'dribbles', they just happen. If you are using the guys' bathroom then they have to follow proper household etiquette when it comes to putting the seat down. You just have to deal with it at work. Sorry.

  7. at least you can clean your own "dribble" up! that way we no one has to see it and no one is disgusted!

  8. I have nothing to say other than your post made me laugh…not in a 'ha ha got you' type of way, but the humor of it all I found refreshing. I always tease my sisters when they come over that they need to remember to put the seat back up.

    Stumbled here via Cheeseboy...