Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love you, but can you please shut up?

Kiddo is FULL of attitude. At 10 years old, she can dish it out like an adult (when the mood strikes her).

I was studying for my anatomy test, books strewn all over the floor, iPhone and computer well out of reach, when kiddo and husband returned from kiddo's tutoring.

Immediately, husband flops down in the chair next to me and starts to ramble for the sake of rambling. Kiddo looked at the mess on the floor and my hair standing on end, looked at her father, than back to me. Promptly put her hands on her hips "Daddy, I love you, but can you please shut up. Mommy is doing homework, and you talked the whole way home." A look of shear shock washed over his face. "Well daddy, I'm just sayin." She then spun on her heels and left the room.

It was priceless! The only thing missing was her snapping her fingers as she turned.


  1. LOL that's hilarious. It's the opening 'Daddy I love you, but...' that just makes it all the funnier.

  2. I recognize this attitude, two of my granddaughters have it!

  3. hahaha priceless ^_^

  4. That is sweet. She's got your back, and she's good. Perhaps she can hop from house to house and give each dad a talking to.

  5. Geez.... And he was just about to tell you about the lovely diamond tennis bracelet he wanted to buy for you....

    My 4 year old son and I were playing Mario Party today, and he told me his character was going to 'slap me like a weasel'..... What?