Monday, July 19, 2010

Just an average night...

"What's wrong?"

"I can't sleep. I've tried everything. Even the movies. Maybe I'm too hot."

"Wait. What? Movies?"

"Yeah when I can’t sleep I play a movie in my head . One that I know really well, and I picture every little detail, and eventually my brain gets too tired and I fall asleep.”


"That's retarded."

"Well you got a better idea, count stupid sheep? I mean what idiot thought of counting sheep with all their bleeping, why not dragons or whales?”

"If you counted dragons you would get distracted by their ability to breath fire and wouldn't sleep, and if you counted whales, you'd end up wet."

Stupid husband, got a smart ass answer for everything. Only thing I could think of as I rolled over...."Well you'd be wet too."

"Love you too Dawn, good-night."


  1. Yeah, where did that sheep thing come from? It's crazy making and not at all relaxing to count sheep.
    Hope your smart ass husband ended up wet but you got a dry, sound sleep.

  2. I hate when I can't sleep, but counting sheep certainly doesn't help.

  3. I like to count Kangaroos and buffaloes. The sheep usually get tired of jumping and they fall asleep, how does that help me?

  4. Actually, I just count numbers.
    I count my breaths, and that keeps my mind from working too hard, which is what keeps me awake.
    The next morning I try to remember how high I counted to, and I can't remember.
    Of course, if I didn't have to go to stupid work every day, I would just get up if I couldn't sleep, and not worry about what the hell time it was!