Monday, September 27, 2010

Baygirl VS the Universe

When you wake up and discover that you hit snooze one too many times, and there is no soy milk for your cereal, its a sign the Universe is telling you to crawl back in bed. But since I listen to the Universe about as well as I listen to husband I gave the Universe the finger and went on about my day. (I'm harcore that way.)

You know what happens when you give the Universe the bird? It finger flicks you right back in the forehead, 10 times harder!

An 8:00 parent/teacher meeting on a Monday morning to discuss kiddo's IEP means I could only hit snooze button twice. Stagger out to the kitchen to start the coffee perk, and there is only decaf (how did that happen).

With sleep caked in my eyes I turn on the shower and accidentally grab the body wash instead of shampoo. (my hair smells great, but looks like it wasn't washed in a month)

Open up the back door to discover that high winds have blown an entire side of my fence into the neighbor's yard. (waiting on the contractor now)

Construction on the roads downtown, meant I needed to take a crazy detour on the way to drive husband off at work. (where is my coffee?)

Get home and realize that I forgot to put the dog out, and there is a fresh puddle by the door!

Its not even 10 am yet! I can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings me; class this afternoon and clinic until 8pm, with a crazy hard pathophysiology test tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry Universe, you win. (I take back my hardcore status.)


  1. I know. I know. I've had this kind of retribution from showing the universe my finger too. It doesn't take it well at all. Not at all. Sorry I didn't warn you. I hope it finds a new victim, one more worthy of the distress, very soon.
    Good luck on your test!

  2. And that's the way things go...especially on Monday's! I don't like Mondays either, there is just something evil about them.
    Oh, and on top of that, I have a chest goes a great week! (sigh!)