Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The wrath of Igor

Hurricane Igor assaulted Newfoundland yesterday. Damage along the Burin Peninsula varied, with some being hit worse than others. These are pictures that were taken yesterday evening after the rain stopped in and around my home town.

The water flows over the dam

Trees are pulled up by their roots

The roof is off a building down the road

Power poles are being fixed

My cousin's cabin is flooded

The road between St. Lawrence and Lawn is washed out

My family is fine, like many others they spent the majority of yesterday bailing out their basement without power. There are others in the community and other parts of the island who sustained major damage to property, my thoughts are with them.

Here are pictures taken about 7am, during the storm.


  1. Sorry for the damage your country suffered. Devastating pics.

  2. That is tragic. I'm just glad to hear that your family is alright.

  3. That is truly devastating. I'm so glad your family is fine.

  4. Scary stuff...
    great photos, but terrible happenings! Glad to hear that everyone is okay...

  5. Wow, it's amazing how much damage a storm can do. Glad to hear you are ok though.

  6. Wow! That is seriously sucky. We haven't been dealing with floods here, but rather wild fires that have been destroying people's homes.

  7. Very glad all of you are ok! I lived on the Mississippi coast for a while, so I know the wrath of hurricanes. I still never think about the other countries they hit, though. Thanks for reminding me to look beyond my own borders!

  8. So glad you're ok. not glad you had to deal with it!