Monday, October 18, 2010

Have you seen my mug?

Husband loves him some coffee. Like me, he can’t start the day without his happy juice, and a lot of it. Which is why we had a collection of travel mugs. (note I said HAD). The travel mug collection had everything from heavy duty thermoses, to recycled corn mugs, to stainless steel flasks to plastic drop a picture in mugs, and the best part about them, they kept the coffee hot. For some reason, husband can’t hold on to those travel mugs to save his life. At one point, not so long ago, there were eleven travel mugs in my house, 11! Now only one remains, MINE.

I know its mine, because I pick favorites. My one remaining travel mug is a blue recycled corn plastic, that has a warning on the bottom not to place in the dishwasher, that I didn't see until it came out of the dishwasher and is now slightly deformed because of the heat and you have to jam the lid on at a peculiar angle to get it to close, but its super light weight, and it still works, and I like the oddity of its shape, and husband will not touch it because I 'ruined it'.

Since husband won’t be able to function, can’t live without, absolutely needs his morning coffee and lacks the travel mugs normal people have, he just pours his coffee in a regular mug and takes that in the car. Then, of course, he forgets to bring mug back into the house and we end up with a collection of 3 or 4 mugs rolling around on the floor of the car. (or he takes them with him into his office, where they visit all our missing sandwich containers and are never seen again)

Think tomorrow as I drive him to work, I might hit a big bump. Maybe it will jar his memory and he'll be able to recall the location of just one of the ten missing travel mugs, or he'll break down and buy a new one.


  1. i can picture your partially melted coffee mug and it makes me smile. ^_^

  2. Better read his mug the mug riot act.

  3. My wife has a bunch of these also. They end up all overther place. You could track her by where you find these things...
    good post!

  4. I don't get it. Coffee, that is. BLECCH. Cute mugs though! (Hey, I said MUGS not JUGS!)

  5. I have been stealing the travel mugs from him ever so stealthy. I will give them back when you least suspect it.