Monday, February 21, 2011

15 signs I have a problem

There’s this really sick thing happening to me. I’ve been noticing the symptoms more and more, and quite frankly, I don’t like it.

I’m growing older.

Want to know how I can tell?

1. As soon as 10pm comes, I start to yawn relentlessly.
2. I snap, crackle and pop in the morning as I climb out of bed.
3. I had a baby, I blinked, and suddenly there’s 11 year old kid in my house, and she's calling me "mom.”
4. I used to think plastic surgery was ridiculous. USED to. (socks and oranges, all I'm saying)
5. Thinking about what a food will do to the bowels after it is consumed seems normal. (for the record, Thai, Mexican and Indian cuisine do really bad things to mine)
6. All those things my mudder did/said when I was growing up, and I SWORE I would ?NEVER do", well I've done/said approximately 1/2 of them.
7. I haven't the slightest clue who Heidi Montag is or why her boobs make national news.
8. I have more than one grey hair. Damnit!
9. “I’m too sleepy.”
10. We talk about the weather. Yep, me and husband actually
11. Remember that time when we were at that place, doing that thing, with those people, and that thing happened?
12. Me either.
13. Staying home on a Friday or Saturday night no longer bums me out. I look forward to it.
14. 8am is considered sleeping in. Even on the weekends.
15. Going out drinking on a weeknight results in a deathly, dehydrated state the next morning.

Ah to be young again!


  1. Funny list! Though according to 10 - 13, I was old as an 8 year old. Cause I always loved to talk about the weather and I've always been absent minded.

  2. I can identify with some of that. Not the baby thing, but a few other things. And staying home on a Saturday night sounds great to me.

  3. Oh, I think I wrote this myself! LOL!! Nothing better than staying at home on a weekend night.

  4. Being young is wasted on the youth.

  5. Oh yeah, I can relate. I especially like #'s 11 and 12. That's a cute picture of you.

  6. I know I am getting old, because I look forward all week to Friday night so I can get home from work, and immediately put on my crappy comfy sweats, have pizza and beer, and spend the next 6 hours on my butt in front of the TV and computer, LOVING the fact that I have nowhere to go!

  7. i've certainly got more than one grey hair. and i don't remember things either. and i pretend that when i was a kid we rode dinosaurs to school. oh, here's the best part (the thing i point out the most): i remember a time before we all were using this thing we call the internet. ^_^

  8. LOL Well, if you blink again, that 11-year-old will be 19 and in university ... :)

  9. What a list! I can identify with almost everyone of them. I went to a birthday party yesterday. It started at four PM. I was still in PJs until three...
    LOVE the photo!!!