Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stand back he's all mine, Heart Day edition

Husband and I agree we weren’t going to do a whole big thing for Valentine’s Day this year; because we have a lot of other things going on; I had clinic until 8:00 and a pathophysiology test this morning.

I woke up yesterday morning and figured a card or a hand scrawled note would be waiting. I mean, c’mon, he bought kiddo a heart shaped box of chocolates, and book light. Flowers would be nice but they die quickly, chocolates would’ve been great, booze is always a winner or cinnamon hearts or maybe some conversation hearts. (I love conversation hearts, I lick off letters here and there and make new words, I mean its not everyday you get candy that talks to you.)

I had a card all ready to give him, but you can be damned sure I wasn't giving him anything until I got my card!

Well, I went off to school, and I waited thinking any minute I'd get a sappy email or a text. And I waited, or maybe he'd book himself in for my 7 pm appointment. And I waited.

I got a facebook notification that he had written on my wall. "Happy heart day". I was so glad I didn't give him that stinking card.

I got home last night, still no card.

So I pick him up today after work, he bounds into the car grinning from ear to ear, and thrusts a card at me, written inside.. "You said you didn't want to do anything for Valentine's day this year, so I was waiting for 1/2 price chocolate day, then I was going to buy you chocolate body paint, but at the last second, I didn't think you'd like it. Happy Not Valentine's Day."

Now that’s romance!

Next year I want a dozen roses, a bottle of wine and some chocolates.


  1. To a man saying "We won't do a whole big thing" means "You're off the hook." I guess I don't need to tell you that now. Sorry. I hope you take him shopping with you next year.

  2. Lol. Wow. I'm glad Boyfriend has learned better by now. :)

  3. Next year will be better! (Especially, if you buy your own presents.)

  4. I don't know how I missed this, but I'm glad I found it! "Now that's romance!"
    I've been around for a while and learned a thing or two. One of those things I learned is that when a woman says she "doesn't want to do anything for Valentine's day," she does not mean it! Maybe he'll catch on before next year...

  5. Am I correct in saying that at least he was listening when you said something?

    I appreciated the humor of it all.