Friday, November 25, 2011

I mustache you a question...

Have you heard about "Body by Vi?" Just kidding!

The real question is.... DID YOU MISS ME?? I certainly missed you!

We are starting to get settled into the new house, new job and new school, but let me tell you, moving certainly has its down points.

Point #1 - 25 days without Internet. 25 days (not that I was counting or anything)
Point #2 - hotel stays. Sure a night in a hotel is nice every once in a while, but 3 people in the same hotel room for 16 days? fun fun
Point #3 - things get broken during transit. A BBQ, a floor lamp, 2 rubber maid bins, and a stainless steel garbage can to name a few.
Point #4 - disconnect and reconnecting all your utilities. Cell phone coverage is not the same from province to province, neither is satellite.
Point #5 - packing and unpacking. Realizing that you have way too much junk and no where to put it.

This was the mess in my new kitchen 2 weeks ago.


  1. Well yeah but ..... LOOK at that nifty kitchen with all those cupboards and the great molding on top of them. Whoohooo. Glad you are back...start posting those photos.

  2. I missed you!
    Moving is awful. Where does all the stuff come from? Swear it breeds in the closet.

  3. I missed you :) and it's no lie! Good luck with the unpacking!

  4. Moving is painfully unsettling and stressful. CONGRATULATIONS on being on the other side of it. Now, hopefully, you can take your time getting things in order.
    Enjoy the holidays, Baygirl.

  5. Welcome back! How exciting to be in a new place, though.

  6. I was so glad to see you over at my place today!

    Can't imagine what it would take for me to move 35 years of accumulated stuff into a different location. I might be forced to get rid of my stuff! *faint

  7. I missed you! Welcome back to the blogosphere. :)

  8. Welcome back! You certainly were missed around here.

    I'm glad the move went well, despite a few inconveniences and broken possessions.

  9. Gosh, I've not had time to get around every blog due to new baby syndrome, but I'm pleased to see you back.
    Reading this made me smile as we are going to Canada in January.....but, luckily only for a couple of months,so no packing up for us....although now you DO have me worrying about the Internet! (sigh!)

  10. @ mybabyjohn - the kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in the house

    @ alex - breeds in the closet, AND under the beds

    @ Claudia - thanks :)

    @ Robyn - painfully unsettling, painfully stressful and a general pain in the arse

    @ Al - its great!

    @ ms A - 35 years in the same place? I think I could handle that (the once place, not the stuff accumulation)

    @ golden eagle - thanks

    @ Karen - just a few minor set backs, it was worth it (I hope)

    @ Alice - where in Canada will you be heading?