Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa can you hear me?

Dear Santa, I've been a decent parent this year. I've fed kiddo, forced her to bathe, bribed her to clean her room, tackled seventh grade homework, reminded her to floss her teeth, hugged her plenty(but only if no one is watching), listened to hours of trumpet practice, cleaned up vomit, and tried not to embarrass her too much. I've also been a great wife, I mean I love husband, but you should try living with him.

I know I haven't written to you in quite sometime, but this year, I would really like:

1) Someone Else's Husband (just for a weekend) - more specifically, a husband who will fix and move things on demand without complaint.

2) A Nerd - preferably one that can explain math and science, write speeches and knows his way around any computer issues I may encounter.

3) An IV - one that can pump me full of caffeine in the morning, and wine in the evening.

4) A waist - mine seems to have disappeared over the years.

5) A money tree - I have planted many over the years, but they have yet to blossom.

Oh, and Santa, if you're hauling big ticket items this year I'd like fingerprint resistant windows/walls and screens; a radio that only plays adult music(no hip hop); a TV that doesn't broadcast shows containing talking animals; and please get kiddo and husband all the things on their lists.

Please eat your own cookies this year, my butt does not need them.

Your friend,
Baygirl32 - Dawn


  1. So now I know your real name, thank you Santa for giving me this opportunity :) And as for your list, what can I say but :)

  2. that is quite the list.....

  3. That list is brilliant! (and entertaining) Hope you get everything you asked for... and if you do, I want your connections.

  4. Here's hoping all your Christmas wishes come true!