Sunday, January 13, 2013

We survived!

7:30 am - wake up, stumble to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, make kiddo's hot chocolate, put the dog out, stagger into the shower... the lights dim just as I rinse the shampoo from my hair.  Darkness.

Crap.  Out of the shower.  Towel off.  Dress.  Refill my mug.  Wander in to wake kiddo.

Confusion sets in.

Outside our neighbor is snow blowing our driveway.  The lady across the street is getting into her car.  Are we the only house without power?!  No all the other houses are dark....  Is there school?

Unplug the cordless phone, plug in the rotary phone.  Close all the curtains and blinds, doors to rooms not in use.  Dine on cold cereal.

Noon - House is getting cold now.  What's in the fridge that doesn't need to be heated?

3:30 pm - Fire alarm sounds.  Lights flick on.  Without saying a word kiddo and I spring into action - fill both bathtubs with hot water, boil the kettle, make coffee, wash the dishes, huddle around the heater.

3:35 pm - Lights flick off again.  Wish I had put boiling water in thermos and filled hot water bottles.

7:45 pm - Lights come on for the second time.  Plug in all cordless devices that are nearing death, refill sink with hot water, and get that kettle on.

8:15 pm - Lights are gone again.  The rooms start to lose heat quicker now.  A friend has come to fight boredom, she bought a thermos of coffee with her!  Use remainder of laptop battery watching Happy Gilmore. Selfishly drain the thermos.  Play board game after board game, relighting candles.

12:12 am - Lights are back!  Brush teeth, tidy up, pile extra blankets on beds.  Sleep.

Snow-ma-geddan hit the Avalon Peninsula on Friday, leaving most of the Island without power.  Luckily we weren't hit with the snow in central, but did suffer the power loss.  1st thing we did Saturday morning - buy unscented candles and make a list of things we NEED to have on hand in case the power goes again.  Husband's flight landed a few hours later (he spent the week in Halifax and missed all the fun)


  1. He timed that well, didn't he?
    No power all day must've sucked. Yes, I would've drained my iPad by noon. Glad you didn't freeze to death. You'll be prepared next time, that's for sure.
    And we go through that sometimes but for a different reason - hurricanes. Then we roast as the humidity goes through the roof after a hurricane.

  2. Sorry to hear about your day of struggle but hopefully things are fixed by now Baygirl, thank goodness you guys were okay as well and nothing too bad happened.

  3. What an adventure!! Felt sorry for you guys, though. That was a wicked storm.

  4. I heard it was bad up there! BTW, as one who lost power for 6 days in Dec. 2006, once you invest in compiling a 'power outtage kit', you'll never lose it again. We sank $10,000 into a state of the art generator and a gas stove, and the power never went out again. Not even for a few minutes.

  5. Good Lord... I hope that doesn't happen to you very often! Glad you survived. We've been without power for numerous days after a hurricane, but we weren't freezing to death, we were melting.

  6. I was thinking of you when the pictures started coming through of the blizzard and hoping you weren't right in the middle of it. Glad your power is back on.

  7. Eek! I can just imagine how cold it must have been Glad you made it through.

  8. Wow! Glad that it wasn't worse for you. I'm sure I'm missing out on the good side of having real seasons, but for now I'm totally content to live in the land of mild. Always mild...