Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Seal hunt

The Newfoundland Seal Hunt is one of the most controversial subjects surrounding Newfoundland each spring, as great numbers of pregnant harp seals gather on the ice flows to give birth.  Concerned by allegations of ineffective management and inhumane killing methods, animal rights and conservation groups began a sustained campaign against the sealing industry. The Canadian government, which is responsible for seal harvesting, responded with more regulations and quotas to ensure the humane killing of harp and hooded seals, and survival of the herds.

There are numerous opinions on the seal hunt, so I will spare you mine.  Instead, here are a few great links if you want more information:

The Seal
lNewfoundland Heritage Society
The Canadian Sealers Association


  1. One of my very first activism/protest things I did in 1980/10th grade was circulate a petition against the seal hunt. It's awful. I could never go hunting for meat much less murder a sweet, adorable baby seal for it's pelt.

  2. I have no opinion on the seal hunt. My father was a trapper so I know that there are rules and regulations and I know that sometimes thinning a herd leads to healthier animals. opinion.

  3. I'm not going to say anything here because while I could never do it and can't understand why anybody would do it but people have their reasons. Like you say it's very controversial.

  4. This is controversial indeed and there are always 2 opinions to each but I could not be one who kills them. I can't even watch that stupid crocadile hunter show and they are not cute and cuddly(I mean the crocs...well those freaky varmints catching the crocs too-eeek)

  5. It's a touchy subject and I understand both sides of it. Granny used to say that people who have never lived on a farm shouldn't eat meat if they are going to complain about where it came from and how it got on their plate.