Monday, September 30, 2013

Falling for Fall

Do you call it Fall or Autumn? I never say Autumn but I like how it sounds. Either way, it’s one of my most favorite times of year.
The only bad thing about Fall is that it means Winter is closer. But, except for the snow/ice and the extremely bitter cold days, I'm learning to appreciate winter a little more.  (Let’s not jump the gun though.)
Not only does Fall mark the return to school, regular, less busy shop hours and an increase in work for me, Halloween and of course Movember just around the corner  it does have a few other merits:
TV  With so many premieres and finales my PVR has never been so full.  (Don't get me started on finales yet though, I am still digesting Dexter and Breaking Bad ending.)
 Pumpkin  I love pumpkin... I love pumpkin lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin carving, pumpkin soup.  If there was a Starbucks out around the bay, I would practically live there.  
 Layers I'm not one for the heat; I get too hot and I have nothing else to take off.  I get told and I can add another layer :)  Vamps, scarfs, sweaters, blankie and cuddling by the fire.
Sights and Sounds the vibrant red, yellow and orange leaves, twigs cracking under foot, the heaviness of my breath on the cold air.
Smells this is a little morbid because everything is dying, but the smells of fall make me want to spend more time outdoors.
Autumn or Fall?  What's your favorite part?

Husband pointed out that I've been a bit of a flake with my blog the past little while (guess that means he does read it) hopefully I have found my way out of my rut now :)  I have missed it  :)


  1. Hope you've escaped the rut!
    I say fall. And the best part is cooler weather and football.

  2. I say fall but I write autumn because it's so much more elegant.. like me (bwaahahahaha!).

    Did you see last night's Breaking Bad? Wasn't it AMAZING????

  3. I like the sound of Autumn....but I pretty much never say it. Fall is a lot easier. Lol Layers are one of my favorite things about cooler weather!! I always tell people what you can only take so much off!! Layer me up, please! I'm excited for the cooler temperatures.

  4. Easy to get into a rut and hard to climb out. :-)

    I like the smells of wood smoke in the early morning breeze and the vibrant colors. I like pumpkin, too, but not quite as much as you, it appears, lol!

    What I don't like is the loss of sunshine and the fact that autumn bring in winter and it's gets cold and icy/snowy here.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  5. I say Fall too, but you're right...autumn sounds much more elegant.

    Not much like Fall here today though----sunny and 21 degrees. Oh well, I'm sure we'll be scraping the windshield on our cars soon enough.

    To tell you the truth, I am looking forward to some cooler weather---I've had it with the hot days. I'm ready for sweaters, tights and some hot chocolate!!!

  6. I sort of admire your optimism about Winter, just like me you're learning to appreciate it for what it is even though it does have its very apparent flaws. It's going to come whether we like it or not so we may as well enjoy it while it's there I guess, love this post!

  7. It has to be fall. Impossible to spring ahead, autumn back. I love the dry, dusty smell of it, too.

  8. it's Autumn where I come from, I love it for the cardigans, tights boots with skirts and scarves :)

  9. I sort of use both's my favourite time of year. They say whatever season you are born in is likely to be your favourite. I love that tingly feeling that 'something' is about to happen that I get in the fall.

  10. I like the sound and look of the word Autumn. However, I'm kind of lazy, so I usually call it Fall. I really don't have a favorite thing about Fall. I don't like losing hours worth of sunlight everyday. Sure the colors of the leaves look nice, but then we have to look at dead looking trees for months. It's very mild here (weather wise), so it doesn't get too much colder during the Fall. It's pretty much shorts weather here most of the year.

  11. Fall....autumn...I don't really care.
    But September is when Dairy Queen starts selling pumpkin pie blizzards!

  12. I love everything about fall. I guess I call it 'fall' because I have a friend named Autumn. I've always loved fall best, even when I was a kid.

  13. i'm looking forward to pumpkin spice smells and tastes!!!

  14. I totally had a Breaking Bad hangover today.

  15. I love fall, too. I just wish I had more of it here in So. Cal. At least I still got the pies and lattes.