Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Brain fart

I'm not a total flake!  In the process of trying to rid the house of the giant killer dust bunnies, I did find several sticky notes in various locations with my scribbles...

toenails optional
underwear gnomes
me lover
chicken wings

If I can remember what I was thinking when I jotted them down its gonna be some post :)

Not my car - but something I would do!  (outside Target on Sat)

In other news, Fadder just gave his 101 donation of blood!  The Southern Gazette had a little write up about him HERE

I am gonna stop being a horrible blogger and get my arse in gear again.


  1. You're not the only one. I write lists with things I don't remember all the time. These days I've taken to writing notes about the lists I write, to help clarify what I was thinking when I wrote the list. It's not working, but it does provide a few extra laughs and guessing games for me.

  2. I write stuff down and can't read my handwriting. Makes for some interesting grocery shopping experiences.

  3. Hmmm that is an interesting list. Did you have a weird dream and write down the basics from your dream?? Yes the Christmas tree...I have seen this before as well...I do shake my head

  4. Aha that pic made me laugh. It made me thin of the box of cereal I bought on line as it was on offer the other day and when it arrived in the delivery the man just looked at me as if to say you pig"! haha!

  5. Don't get too excited about blogging until after Christmas....it's too busy a time. Love the list.