Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Hills

What Ill be saying on the infamous Summit Ave incline (miles 20-23).

Hill repeats are an excellent way to build strength, improve speed, and build mental strength and confidence.  Although hills come in all different lengths and degrees of incline, the basic concept of a hill repeat is usually the same - to kill you! (just kidding)

When doing bill repeats you run up the hill fast and then recover by jogging or walking down and then you turn around and run fast back up that same hill, over and over until you want to puke.... ok its not that bad, it just feels like it some times.

Can you guess what today it?  Hill day :(


  1. If you want the workout of your life, move to San Francisco. Some of the hills are so extreme that the sidewalks are stairs and the cars have to park nose into the curb vs. parallel parking. Even when I was living there and in good shape those hills would have me doubled over in full on asthma attack mode.

  2. So far, nothing you have told me about running is appealing to me. Just the opposite in fact.

  3. You do make it sound like fun. But, then I can't run because I have crappy knees. There are days when I just want to run, too.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  4. I've lived in places with lots of hills. It always felt like I was going up though...

  5. That sounds like I would really hate myself so I better go and grab another chocolate:)

  6. Ha ha! Hill Day!
    We have a fairly steep hill right by my house and my friend and I run it together, but only a few times. I can't make it back up without slowing down to a walk. She can do it, however. I need more practice. It nearly kills me! But it's a good workout on hill days. I only do that about once a month!
    Amy (New reader from A to Z Blogging Challenge)

  7. Oh god sounds awfull haha. At my Gym I can put the treadmill on an incline does that count ;) x