Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for LSD

My reasoning for long distance running :)

LSD - Long Slow Distance

Long slow distance is running at a moderate pace in which you can carry on a conversation and in which you aren't panting for breath and don't get side stitches (cramps) or a raw throat.  Long runs help increase your ability to burn fat and conserve glycogen, so you can run farther before fatigue sets in.


  1. I can walk like this but not run. I get a stitch way too bad sometimes. I have a friend I tried walking with once but she walks so fast that I couldn't even keep up talking or anything. My asthma and shin splints kicked in.

  2. I'm a slow short distance runner. :-P A jogger, maybe. I also like to stop and walk a lot. I get the most out of a steady paced 2 mile run I feel like. I'm stopping by from A to Z to say hello!

  3. I love the header:) I was thinking how LSD could be good for running:) This sounds like a nice leisurely run that you can enjoy with friends