Monday, June 7, 2010

Extra belly skin

Tucking my kiddo into bed should be a warm, loving mom experience… not in my world!

I was tucking my 10 year old daughter into bed, I leaned in to give her a kiss on the forehead when she gave me an odd look and started to giggle.

"OK kiddo, what are you giggling about?"

"Well mom" she starts, "when you leaned in to give me a kiss, I felt all the extra skin on your belly jiggle. It jiggles like your butt."


My 10 year old just pointed out that I not only have a jiggly butt, but I have extra skin on my belly that also jiggles!

She might be laughing now, but in 30-some years she, too, will have jiggly bits. (I’ll probably be pooping my pants in a nursing home but guess who’ll be laughing then!)


  1. Yep! I find that all those things I said in my ignorant youth, have definitely come back to haunt me. Turn about is fair play and someday, my kids will pay the same price for some of their slip-ups. I, too, will laugh.

  2. Once when I was little my sister ask me if she was fat and I told her that she did kind of had thunder thighs. This had to have been when I was 8 so innocent and didn't even know the meaning of thunder thighs. To say the least, Karma is a bitch and I got cursed with the thunder thighs.