Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update: the house next door

It rained on Sunday, just before the open house next door was about to begin. I was planning on sitting on the front step with kiddos guitar and amp, preforming a 'concert' for the open house visitors. I was certain my being completely tone deaf and unable to carry a tune would deter the older folk, but rain and fear of electrocution ruined my plan. So I went shopping instead.

This morning as kiddo was getting on the bus, the real estate agent arrived next door, coffee in hand I wandered over, introduced myself and asked if there were any offers on the house yet. "No, not yet, but there is a couple coming by in a few minutes for their second look."


As soon as I close my house door behind me, a truck pulls up. Windows tinted, painted a deep purple with pink flames on the bonnet.. oh boy.

Suspense is mounting, the door slowly opens and out pops... an older white haired couple! I kid you not.


  1. Ha! You'd better hope they weren't borrowing one of their (5) young adult, still dependent on mom and dad, overindulged kids vehicles. Or, maybe they raised their kids right and are just young at heart.

  2. Another example why I find old people scary!!! Ha ha ha if they move in I wanna see some photos!

  3. Perhaps they are looking at it for their son who is just getting out of prison. (That's his truck too.)

  4. They have those types in Canada too?
    Good luck, and keep us posted.