Thursday, June 17, 2010

I can see how you'd get them confused... not

In the hustle of getting up and showered, making lunches and getting out the door in the morning, I asked husband to grab an apple for kiddos lunch bag while I brushed my teeth. Something I'm pretty sure the dog could do if she had opposable thumbs and could open the fridge door.

From the bathroom I hear "Bria, where does mom keep the apples?" followed by a lot of banging and shuffling around.

"There is a whole bag of apples are in the bottom drawer of the fridge" I holler back.

"Nope, none there. Guess again." Then comes a long pause and I can hear her lunch bag zipping up.

I left it alone, grabbed my travel mug of happy juice and slipped out the front door.

On the way home, we dropped into the grocery store to grab some burger buns and out of the corner of my eye, I see husband counting out apples. "Hon, we have a whole bag of apples, we don't need any more."


"What do you mean nope? There is a whole bag in the drawer, didn't you give one to Bria today?"

"Nope. No apples, just a bunch of tomatoes."

Huh, ok, maybe I was wrong. So we buy the apples. Just as we're walking into the house, kiddo appears at the top of the steps eating, guess what, an apple!

So I give husband the 'what are you, retarded' look, and head up into the kitchen, open the fridge and produce an entire bag of apples.

His response "Nope, they're tomatoes."

He was looking in the wrong bottom drawer of the fridge. I swear of those apples had teeth they would have jumped up and bit him.


  1. Sometimes, I swear... they couldn't find their butt with both hands and a flashlight!

  2. Well, apples and tomatoes could look alike if you close your eyes. I suppose. The bottom drawer could look like the top drawer if you're standing on your head or just overly confused (i.e., male).

  3. In my house you have to have a fully developed uterus to find anything.