Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's that in my eye?

The last time my husband went shopping he went for 2 items and came back with 2 bags. I know I shouldn't complain, because well he goes shopping occasionally. Last night he was out, and decided I needed a treat to help me study for my OSCE. He decided to buy me rice cakes to stop me from eating all the junk I really want to be eating when I'm studying.

I don't know who to blame, husband for thinking of me and buying me the rice caked treats? Stress for pushing me to eat the whole bag? Me for eating the whole bag. OR Karma.

Did you know that when you tip the bag over to dump all the small crushed up pieces into your mouth that salt and vinegar-flavored rice dust falls in your eyes and really hurts?

So if ever you see me en route to an exam of sorts, and I’ve got rice cake remnants in my eye-lashes...keep on walking! I don’t need any comments from you...I'm craving sugar, I can’t see and I probably won't poop for a week from all the rice.

--For the record, I had 3 minutes left on my OSCE and was so focused on doing the correct special tests, I skipped the entire neurological testing section (with my reflex hammer sitting in my line of sight, next to my patient) So the rice cakes did nothing to help!


  1. They look and sound like something I would never eat. However, if there was an open bag of them on the table...

  2. That is like when you are trying to drink something with a lot of ice and the ice attacks you.

    Thanks for the comment, I will bring you back something shiny. Don't forget to check out my archives and read some old posts. "See" ya next week.

  3. Those caramel rice cakes aren't bad. Especially if you add peanut butter. And while you're at it, some whipped cream and chocolate. Maybe replace the rice cake with a brownie... yeah, that's the best way to eat a rice cake.

  4. Oh, yes... definitely the brownie. I guess if you tortured me long enough and supplied me with plenty of coffee, I could do the rice cakes. I sure wouldn't count on them to do anything for me. (at least not anything needed)

  5. oh man, that looks awesome though! i have been known to consume an entire bag of the cheese rice cake snacks - they taste just like cheese doodles but are only half the calories i think.

  6. It's ok to eat the whole bag.... Rice cakes are healthy, right?