Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am soooo COOL!

I'm a bit of a 12 year old boy (ok,most of the time). Today a bunch of us were leaving the school parking lot at the same time heading in our various directions to get home. Stopping at the end of the parking lot, I notice that the car in front of me had three of my friends from class. So being the grown up I am, I my screwed my face into the most outrageous face I could and I gave them the finger.

We made our way onto the highway, and I passed them and saw that they were laughing. (fuel for my fire) At the next exit, their car pulled up on my side. Keeping my head toward the traffic light, I shoved a finger up my nose, way up my nose….because I’m 12. Then I made some another screwed up face while snorting and slowly turned to look at them, WRONG CAR!!! There, was an older, 70ish woman, staring at me with a look of total disgust on her face.

I stopped snorting, extracted the finger from my nose, and gave her an embarrassed smile. She again rolled her eyes and looked away.

Yeah mudder, you always told me not to make faces. Guess I should have listened.