Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few of my favorite things... Newfoundland Vacation Version

If I were Julie Andrews(aka Maria von Trapp) and had to comfort a bunch of children during a storm without television, this would be my Newfoundland Vacation Version of "My Favorite Things":

sleepin in, da beach, me daughter’s smile, me mudder’s homemade wine, Purity Kisses, greasy fries from da chip truck, kiddo, canoein, feather pillows, randomly pushin buttons, da cabin, coffee, Zellers, seein me sister's kids, food that I don’t got to cook, watchin Robin Hood wit me child, music, fog, bein extra careful drivin on the highways after dark on accounts of dem moose, a warm fire on a cold night, da smell of da ocean, bein round da bay, reading, these are a few of my favorite things.

I know they don't rhyme, but you wouldn't want to hear me singing anyways!

Got to my parents yesterday evening, great to be home after 2 years.

Note the song is only based on what I have done since I got here.


  1. Those are very good favorite things!
    I would add naps, days off work, and thunderstorms.

  2. Has someone been a sippin' her mom's homemade wine? I just ask, because I'd like some too. Plus, would your mom mind adopting a 40-something year old woman?
    Enjoy being home.