Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heart clogging goodness?

Turkey weekend brings the two biggest craft fairs to Niagara, with hundreds of booths and concessions there is a wonderful assortment of handcrafted goodness.

I grew up in a small coastal Newfoundland community so there was also an assortment of heart stopping treats I had never heard of!

Deep Fried Mars Bar

Deep Fried Oreo

Bloomin Onion

There were also funnel cakes, elephant ears, butterfly fries and a whole array of heart clogging goodness (I'm not too sure about the goodness part, I was too chicken to actually try anything myself, I just leaned over other people's shoulders and snapped pictures of their treats while not tripping up and landing on my arse, I am just that cool)

* I did come home with a cool upcycled fork necklace and a jumbo bag of kettle corn, so I'm not a total loser.


  1. oh my bleepin' bleep. deep friend candy and cookies! you have got to be bleepin' kidding me, lol.

  2. Those are a staple here as well! For the locals, if it can't be deep-fried, it's not worth eating.

  3. Kettle corn is good stuff, but I imagine that a deep fried oreo cookie is much better. A deep fried mars bar, probably not.

  4. Deep-fried! Those two words should be sent out into space for aliens to hear first so they recognize we are geniuses and then they will want our culinary secrets (instead of eating us).
    P.S. My wife has a fork necklace and a spoon bracelet. I think it's a Canadian thing.

  5. Why am I not there???!!! A deep fried MARS BAR?!!!!! I WANT, I WANT!!!!