Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Tibb`s Eve

Husband and I just tore up the LCBO making sure we had the necessary provisions for the next couple of days. 3 bottles of Rodrigues Blueberry Wine (was all that was available in the city; I`m on the wish list for more)Lambs Black Sheep and some Rickards Red to go along with the Screech that Mudder sent up in my care package.

Today being Tibb's Eve and all... the plan is to hunker down in front of the fire place, watch The Grinch, and have a little taste. Being away from home is rough for me, especially during the holidays.

For all you UpAlong-ers, Tibb`s Eve in Newfoundland marks the end of the long wait for the Christmas season. It's also referred to as "tipsy eve" since its the first night of the Christmas season where you go house to house and have a few socials. For even more info check out this article in the The Southern Gazette.

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