Friday, April 22, 2011

ssssssssss lots of S's

S is for Stage

salt and pepper cap - a peaked hat that it wedge shaped, being slightly taller at the back and lowering at the peak, speckled black and white in appearance

salt box house - a wooden house of one and a half or two stories, with a steep saddle roof

salt fish - codfish that has been cured by removing the water with salt and drying in the sun

sauce box - an insolent person -> "Would you listen to the mouth on him, what a little sauce box."

savage - angrey -> "Don't get too close to Mudder, she's savage I pipped off school today."

scad - a small amount -> "The snow is scad the past few days, the weather is so good."

scalded - {pronounced: SCAWLED} - made, overcome, licked, beat -> "Go on girl, all the studying you did, you got that test scalded."

scattered time - not often -> "I caught sculpins a scattered time down off the end of the stage."

scoff - a big meal -> "Right on, Mudder's cooking jiggs dinner, time for a scoff."

scrawny - skinny -> "She's so scrawny if she turned sideways and stuck out her tongue, she'd look like a zipper."

Screech - the brand name for a Jamaican rum bottled in St. John's. (If you ever makes it to Newfoundland, head George Street and get Screeched in.)

scribbler - a covered notebook made with lined, newsprint quality paper

scruff - the back of the neck -> "Mudder was so mad at him, she grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and walked him out the door."

scrunchins - small fried cubes of pork-fat cubes often used as a garnish, especially on fish and brewis

scuff - dance -> "Would you like to go out on the floor for a scuff?"

sculpin - refers to several species of big mouthed scavenger fish found in inshore waters, especially fishing stages where much fish offal is discarded. I've often referred to people as sculpins, its not a compliment. (also called horny whore, pig fish, plug eye, scolping, scopin, scopy, scully, scrummy, scumpy, scushie, again great nicknames)

scraggley - a small mis-shaped tree -> "What a scraggley little thing, looks like it come out of a Charlie Brown movie."

scraub - to scratch or claw -> "If you don't back off, I'm gonna scraub the face off ya."

scut - a dirty, mean person

seal oil - the oil obtained from rendering seal fat, which was exported and used locally to fuel lamps, make soap and for medicinal purposes.

sealskin - the pelt of a seal with the blubber removed, used for export as well as making clothing footwear and snowshoes

shanty - a shack

sin - shame -> "Its a sin how they treats that poor child."

sleeveen {pronounced: slee - VEEN} - a sly a despicable person (another of my favs)

slewed - turned, twisted, crooked or bent -> "You got your cap all slewed backwards."

slop bucket - a bucket with a cover used as a indoor toilet.

snarl - 1) a tangle in a rope or line 2) a person in a general state of disarray -> "I'm in such a snarl, I don't know weather I'm coming or going."

snoff - extinguish -> "before you goes to be, be sure and snoff out that fire."

soiree - a social gathering or party

sook - a cry baby -> "Oh go home, you old sook."

soused - drunk ->"b'ys oh b'ys I'm soused."

sou'wester - a water-proof fisherman's hat made of oilskin or oil cloth and having a brim all the way around, with a longer brim in the back to keep the water off the fisherman's neck

squid juice - an inky secretion given off by squids to drive away their enemies. When squid are hauled from the ocean on a jigger their defense mechanism is activated and squid juice fies in every direction.

start - a scare -> "I got some start when the gun went off."

still and all - nevertheless -> "Still and all, she climb up and went again like she never fell."

stogged up - clogged -> "Honey, the kids used too much toilet paper and now the toilet is all stogged up."

stories - lies -> "Don't listen to that one, she's always telling stories."

streel - an untidy person -> "I looks like a streel, still with my pajamas on and my hair not combed this two days."

stunned - stupid. According to NL comedy group Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, the difference between stunned and stupid, is that there is a cure for stupid, but stunned in incurable -> "Sure that one is as stunned as me arse."

swig - to take a drink from a bottle. -> "Hand us the Screech, I takes a swig."

This is my longest A to Z post yet, I promise they won't all be this long. There are just too many Newfoundland S words, I picked a bunch of the more common ones and my favorites. Oh, and did I mention I have nothing else to do for a while?! (No hardcore studying until after Easter)


  1. Lot of those are common in Ontario too...our slop bucket went under the dry sink....the other thing had a totally different name.

  2. Simply scintillating.
    And pretty neat, too.

  3. I am so calling someone a "sauce box." LOL

  4. I use one of those quiet often, since I couldn't carry a tune in a slop bucket!

  5. I know quite a few of these ones. Do they still hunt seals? I thought that was illegal now.

  6. Gosh. I'd forgotten how many great S words there are! Loved this list.

    Ellie Garratt

  7. Sauce box= My 9-year-old daughter. haha! Great S words.

  8. WOW there sure are a lot of S words aren't there!

  9. So many words I could have chosen, and I chose "sentiment" a word I learned to use by coincidence.

  10. I've had "salt fish" before, and as unappetizing as it sounds, it's actually really yummy!

  11. Streel I know! As in "Mainland Streel..."
    I miss her blogging!