Friday, December 16, 2011

Didn't we already cover this?

Today I'm participating in the DejaVu DejaVu Blogfest. Otherwise known as The Day of the Do-Over!

I'm going to take you back to June 30th 2010, with a repeat of my post How to use the bathroom at school. So sit back, enjoy, and perhaps learn a thing or too!

Ok boys, LISTEN UP, there are fewer of you then there women on the first floor of the school, that means if there a line up for the ladies room, I'm using the men's room, and well, here are a few tips...

You guys seem to have a “lack of accuracy” and your “aim” is off. Either lift the damn seat, or wipe the dribbles off the seat, pick one. (if you choose to lift the seat, please put it down when you are done.

Toilet paper and soap are two of the most used items in the washroom. One should only use as much toilet towels as one needs and then ensure that it is properly deposited into the garbage can, not dropped on the floor. Talking of soap, try letting the tap run for 2-5 seconds extra so that your soap bubbles actually go down the drain.

If you find that basic toilet necessities like paper paper and soap are finished, it is now your duty to inform the correct people. They will ensure supplies are immediately provided so the next person will not be left high and undry.

NEVER forget to flush the toilet after the use; I am not interested in what you ate for lunch.

One more thing... the washroom does have a fan, its that switch right next to the one that turns on the light, try using it once in a while.


  1. Always timely advice, and not just for school either.

  2. Ha! That is so darn funny! Strangely, a couple of those are really needed in a muti-cultural society... The first time I spent time in Asia, I'm sure I was just as confused in the bathroom as some of them are here.

  3. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  4. Hi Bay Girl,nice to meet you.Funny post. The pictures are hilarious. I'll be back.

  5. Oh, my goodness. Where'd you find that graphic? ROFL

  6. If only they'd heed your words. It seems so simple.

    Be well, Dawn.

  7. Ha!! I'm so glad they mentioned the no-fishing. LOL

  8. So cool to find your blog--I see you're a Newfoundland-er! My historical fiction novel is about Gudrid, the Viking woman who had the first European baby born in North America (probably in Newfoundland!). I've queried some Canadian agents. Anyway, someday I LONG to visit L'Anse Aux Meadows. Nice to find you through the blogfest!

  9. OMG, too funny. And that sign is precious!

    Thanks so much for joining the Blogfest!

  10. I remember this one and the advice is still great!

  11. Why do I feel like I've just been chastised?? :)

    Thank you for helping our blogfest be so special! :)

  12. You use the men's bathroom? Even I say that's brave!

  13. I hope this post got results!
    Glad to find you thru the blogfest. I've never visited Newfoundland but my parents live in Nova Scotia. They've been, loved it and now I hope to go sometime.

  14. That last image on the toilet sign is too funny.

    I used to clean the restrooms at a department store and it's amazing how much the men trashed it when there's a twentieth of the foot traffic in the women's restroom.

  15. OMG, hahahahaha! Funny post, and that sign is hilarious!

  16. If it's brown, flush it down.
    If it's yellow, let it mellow.
    Just an old saying from junior high school.
    Talk about deja vu!

  17. I love that sign! My sister, who lives in China, tells me that there really are, and need to be, signs indicating that one must sit on the toilet rather than squatting above it, simply because "squatty potties" have been so dominant there for so long. Hilarious post, and sage advice.

  18. My son has the habit of squeezing soap into his hands and washing it off. No lather. I tell him consistently that this does not constitute 'washing hands'. Enjoyed it...

  19. Men are messy with water - they splash it everywhere! I'm sure the wall behind our bathroom sink is rotting.

  20. @ mybabyjohn - always good (just wish it didn't need to repeated)

    @ Pat - husband inspects a lot of foreign ships and I have heard 'stories' about some of the facilities on board; gulp

    @ BabySister - you could try LOL

    @ farawayeyes - nice to meet you too

    @ Donna K - isn't it awsome

    @ Robyn - if only

    @ Jennifer - I would have assumed all toilet fish were already belly up

    @ Heather - I've been up to L'Anse Aux Meadows, its quite the spot! I hope you make it some day

    @ Lydia - I debated printing the sign and posting it!

    @ Ms A - :)

    @ DL - all in good fun

    @ Alex - the line is always shorter!

    @ Melodie - I went to school in NS for a while, its very similar

    @ K Turley - that's a job I don't envy

    @ lynNerd - it makes me smile

    @ Sarah - squattie potties - hehe makes me giggle

    @ ms Persevere - at least he's trying

    @ L Diane - if it was only water they were messy with...

  21. This is very sound advice. Duly noted.

  22. This is a perfect one to repost, in case a few more men read it. I worked hard to potty train my son just so he wouldn't be gross in public restrooms.