Monday, February 6, 2012

and the award goes to....

mybabyjohn/Delores over at The Feathered Nest has just bestowed this award on ME!

As with any blog award there are rules, this award has 3:

Rule #1 - thank the sender of the award - Thank you again to mybabyjohn/Delores; you are awesome.

Rule #2 - list 7 previously unknown facts about yourself - ok humm... here we go
1) I am currently on a TV binge of Spartacus, Jericho, Being Human, The Walking Dead, and Firefly (Netflix is TV right)
2) I have severe bruxism, and sleep wearing a mouth guard (bruxism - teeth grinding)
3) I am currently on a quest to find the best homemade pickle recipe
4) I drink a minimum of 4 cups of tea a day (1 milk, 1 sugar twin)
5) I will do just about anything for Reese peanut butter cups
6) I hate shaving my legs, and will come up with any variety of excuse not to (ie Feb-u-hairy)
7) During the month of January, I read 10 novels on my Kobo (GEEK)

Rule #3 - pass along the award to 7 others - well this is where I'm going to break the rules... I would like to pass the award on to you ALL!! Enjoy


  1. Rules are meant to be broken.

  2. Oh no girl, I'm so sorry to hear about your teeth, I have bruxism too and honestly, it seriously sucks. I hate it so much.

  3. I love Being Human and I'm a massive tea drinker. It solves everything!

    Congratulations on the award.

  4. Congratulations! And now I want to binge on some Firefly...

  5. I found I read much more now that I have an ereader. Not ten books a month, but about one a week. And I do love Reese's!

  6. Congrats on the award. And love all those shows, except Being Human, never watched that. But watched the others at least 2-3 times over.

    1. Being human is a ghost, werewolf and a vampire all living together... Easy on the brain

  7. You missed Jan-u-hairy! Just tell people the hair helps keep you warm.

  8. I hate shaving my legs too. I was just sort of forced to recently after two whole months. I can't remember now why I suddenly had to, but it certainly wasn't because I wanted to.

  9. I most definitely agree with #5. :)

  10. Congratulations to you! I am right there with on number 5! I love them...