Thursday, October 18, 2012

This one's for you!

I just turned the last page of the book I am absorbed in.  I have no follow up on my kobo.  This week is dragging on forever.  I find myself in a stupor putting a tea bag into the toaster, and bread into my mug.  I must be coming down with something.  My cell phone beeps a message.

The message from my sister (aka Stupid Penguins)  reads:  "So I'm doing an assignment and researching abd randomly ends on this blog page.  I read away as I have an unhealthy love for blogs.  Eventually reads she's from here.  Killing me not to know who thus wity, delightful, funny genius is---/ it's dawn !"

She received the same text from a friend of hers from home, and forwarded it to me.  So... to the sender of the text, Thanks, I know who you are, and you made my night! (spelling mistakes and all)

** did anyone notice my reply "from who??"  I'm too modest to say shucks, I know I'm awesome! :)


  1. This definitely has to be uplifting, it's amazing the people who can stumble upon our blogs, awesome for you to hear they loved your blog so much, I can't blame them though!

  2. And worst of all...stumbling on a bog and then spending more than an hour or two reading backwards.

  3. Wow---that's a major compliment. I second it!!!!!

  4. This is great! What an ego booster!