Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm such a flake

Time is just not my friend!!  I can't believe since I blogged again.  I have so many projects - er idea things on the go right now I can't seem to keep the days straight.  We'll go with the short update....

Me and Husband went with M and her boyfriend to Mexico (during the A to Z challenge) where I got a wicked bad sunburn on the 1st day, but didn't let it get me down.  We chilled on the beach, ate strange things, swam in Cenotes, participated in Myan blessings, climbed ruins, learned a few new phrases, and got chased by a giant iguana trying to steal my hamburger!

We came back from Mexico all burned up to find that the harbour was packed with ice.  Kiddo went on trip with her school band, then she had her school concert.  Then she sang Bobbie McGee and played Elphaba in her Voice conert.

Then my friend Debbie came down from Ontario to visit.  She loved the scenery, the row houses and George Street, but didn't like the cold.

We went on an ice berg tour, and I may or may not have got up close and personal with a berg.  Ok, I did I got sooo close my hands were all over it!  (which is a big deal - and you really should not get that close)

Then on Father's Day I ran the same 5K race I ran last year (here) by myself and managed to take 5 minutes off my time!  This year M was out of town.  I finally did something I have been talking about for a long time - I registered for the Tely10 a 10 mile road race!!! {{I shiver with nerves every time I think about it}}

And now some of the bergies are melting and the harbours are filling up with growlers and bergy bits.  Kiddo is studying for final exams.  And I still have too many project/idea things :)  BUT I'm gonna try not to be such a flake!


  1. Baygirl!!! Good to hear from you.
    Looks like a fun adventure. Didn't know iguanas liked burgers.
    Congratulations on shaving time off your run.
    And can't believe the icebergs! Especially since we were in the 90's here today.

  2. Hey there! Nice to see you out and about. Ice bergs? I wonder how long they will hang around. Do they melt in place, or does the tide take them away, or are they always there? Congrats on your run!

  3. Growlers???? I have a guess on what that is but I'd like for you to confirm it. Is that the sound the bergs make when they grind together in the water?

  4. Seeing the bergs in NFLD is on my bucket list!!!! It looks like you've had a very busy spring! It must've been hard to come back to ice after being in sunny Mexico.

  5. it is so cool to go from such heat with a burger eating iguana to the cold where you can touch an iceberg. That is so cool and it seems you had a great time!!