Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Run Ruiner!

With the HypoThermic 1/2 Marathon weeks away my kms are climbing.  Sunday morning shortly after 9, I donned some of my favorite gear and set out for my planned 16K long slow run.  -3 degrees.  I could see my breath, I could hear the crunch from last night's dusting of snow under my feet.   I passed Tim Horton's and started the slow incline of the Junction Road.  

Since I started running clients, family and friends have remarked most about me running alone on the Junction, aprox 11K of highway with frequent wildlife sightings and speeding cars.  What if you see a moose?  Do you carry your cell phone?  What if something happens?  Aren't you afraid of cars?  I usually grin and assure them when I'm on the highway I'm highly visible in my brightly colored reflective gear, I have my Road Id on my ankle, I carry my cell phone, my music is not too loud, my husband knows my route and always does a drive by at the hour mark and being afraid is not the way to enjoy life, and  there are about 6 inches of pavement between the white line and shoulder of the road I consider mine. (that also generally ends the conversation)

So Sunday morning business as usual.... until the 7K mark.....  I hadn't seen a car in while, I was singing along to my music when some yahoo decides to pass another car on a solid line while travelling at well over the speed limit, forcing me to jump off my 6 inches of pavement to the uneven icy shoulder and tork my left knee!

The text to husband went something like "slightly hurt, not stopping, walking it off, bring water"  I kept going to my 8K turn around, alternating run, walk, run, walk.  Husband appeared at KM 9 with my water and proceeded to the forestry station another 1.5K away.  By the time I got back to him I was done - it was too much.

Stupid jerky yahoo a solid line means NO PASSING!  Not sure where you were going so early on a Sunday morning - but next week try leaving home 5 mins earlier so you're not in such a mad tear!  I had to cut my run short and I'm hobbling around with SpiderTape encompassing my left knee because of you, ya run ruiner!

Tomorrow we head to St. L for Christmas break - my plan has changed a little and my next long slow run will be on the highway out there....if you see someone running along in bright purple reflective try giving them that little bit of road :)

- I think I may have finally found a running gel that doesn't taste how I imagine ectoplasm tastes :) more to come on that & how I was hit by a truck


  1. I would rest that knee if I were you and don't be running on it for the next couple of weeks. At least till you are seen by a doctor to make sure it's not a torn meniscus. People drive crazy here too and many of our roads are narrow and curvy. I always wonder why people choose to run or bike on them when we have a lovely Canal with 7 miles, one way, of service road. I love walking on it.

  2. That turkey should get coal in his stocking.

  3. Sorry to hear that. Treat it gently.
    Other than that, I hope you had a great holiday season. Happy New Year!