Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is this?

So this morning I was driving my husband to work, there was construction on the road so I handed him my notes and asked him to quiz me while we were waiting...darling man that he is looks at the paper, turns to me and says "what is this?" I reply "physiology". He looks back at the paper and then back to me "no, what are these markings?", I steal a glance at my paper "oh that's just my diagram of a sarcomere, ignore that part and ask me about the slow and fast twitch fibers". So my loving husband lets out a loud sign "honey, I didn't mean what the diargram was, I was referring to these blue markings, the ones that look like chicken scratches". Its about 8:15, I haven't finished my giant travel mug of coffee yet and I'm just not catching on... "what? chicken? You're confusing me, just ask me about the muscle fibers" he pushes the papers into my line of site... "this, do you call this writing?" I turn and snatch out of his hands, still keeping my eyes on the road "no dummy that is PRINTING, my handwriting sucks".

On a side note, I'm going to the dentist this afternoon! I chipped my front tooth on saturday, its only a very tiny chip, BUT that little chip has a crack running away from it. Given my past history, and the amount of work I have had done on my teeth and my uncanny ability to break them, each time I bite I'm afraid it will crack off and I'll look like a pirate. Just for the record trying to eat a veggie burger without using your two front teeth... makes people stare!

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  1. You've got doctor scrawl! My printing is actually half cursive and very messy (unless I'm trying).

    Good luck with your grade! :)