Friday, March 26, 2010

how to embarass your preteen...

My family has always told me that I like to stir the pot, my mother said that I would argue with my toes if they would argue back, so when my 10 year old clinched her fists and gave me a look that would send chills through the hearts of the faint, I sang even louder!

My daughter is an only child and sometimes I feel that she's not getting the proper razzing. (Anyone with siblings, especially younger ones, knows what its like to be embarassed.) I feel its my responsibility to teach her how to laugh at herself.

DISCLAIMER: My daughter and I are very close, she goes everywhere with me, and always has. I know her limits, and what is acceptable, I would never do anything malicious, cruel or hurtful, she knows my intentions, I only want to make her laugh, and she also knows that I am not laughing AT her, but WITH her.

So a few things I do to keep my tween on her toes:

1)when she's placing her order at McDonald's, unexpectantly tickle her a little,to throw off the straight face
2)when driving her and her friends anywhere, turn up the radio and sing along to that Justin Beiber tune, just make sure you're off key
3)when crossing a crowded parking lot, spread your arms like an airplane and run around in circles
4)take her to a resturant that sings to you on your birthday, stand up and proudly sings along
5)use her family nickname when her friends come over (provided that nickname is not Stinky Pants or something of the like)
6)decidate a blog entry to the art of embarassing her
7)when dropping her off anywhere, ALWAYS insist on a hug or a kiss
8) when you're in the grocery store and a good song comes on, dance through the isles

Ok you get the idea. She doesn't always appreciate these things as they are happening, but I'm hoping she will look back on them as fond memories

Life is way to short not to laugh!

If you have anymore ideas, please post them below...

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