Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guilty as charged!

Some mornings, parenting is harder than others. Especially when my coffee mug is only half empty. This morning my daughter looked me straight in the face and asked...

KIDDO: Mom, is stealing bad?

ME: Yes, dolly, you know it is.

KIDDO: Mom, why do people steal?

Me: I guess people steal for different reasons, maybe they don't have enough money and they really need something, maybe they are being pressured from their friends, maybe it was an accident and they just forgot to pay, maybe they don't know the difference.

KIDDO: What kind of trouble do they get in?

At this point, I'm just waiting for her to come clean and tell me about some theft she has witnessed or prehaps been part of. I'm trying not to let her knew I might have to give her a lecture, I'm wondering if I should call husband into the room, or if he should be left out of it. Holding my breath, I reply...

ME: It depends love, the punishment should fit the crime I guess.

Kiddo takes a big sigh. Here comes the kicker.... wait for it...

KIDDO: Everytime we go to the beach you take home some beach glass, what is your punishment?

Just like that, out of left field. I'm a thief!

Hours later, and I'm still gobsmacked. She'll be home from school soon, and I have no thoughts on how to worm my way out of this one. I mean technically aren't the beaches public property?

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