Tuesday, April 6, 2010

People suck...

People are fascinating. There are so many ways you can choose to live your lives, and yet there are some people who only have 1 goal... to be a giant arsehole!

I wish I could use another, less colourful word, but I can't think of another word to get my point across. There are people who just hate their lives to the point that they cannot stand for you to do anything but hate yours too.

Let me emphasize the need for colour with an example of pointless unkindness... I pulled my rain coat on, hurried out the door into the rain, got into my car and started my 25 minute commute to school. Its spring, and there is construction everywhere, so I was re-routed. Then I realized I forgot my travel mug of happy juice, so, I pulled into the Tim's next to the exit for the highway (I have to state that the drive thru was buisy, so I went in and ordered, maybe 2 minutes inside). Surprise, surprise! When exiting I noticed that my car was partially blocked by another car, (whose driver was waiting for someone else to come out) I hopped into my car, expecting the waiting driver to move his vehicle just one meter away, but guess what? He didn't even blink! He just stayed there, and watched me tormenting myself trying to reverse out of my parking spot, next to the drive thru line, in the rain! Common Courtesy.

Ok, that's nothing really to get my back up over, but it just got me. The whole way to school I kept thinking, Why are people like that? Why do people not take the time and do aomething nice for other people? Why can’t we just be civil and enjoy life? Why the name calling and the backstabbing? Why all the complaining?

I grumped along today, not really saying a lot to anyone, taking it all in. Yep people are arseholes sometimes

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