Monday, April 5, 2010

Roller Pug

I have a nearly three year old, purebred pug. Tina is so ugly she's cute(my mother's words not mine). I love my dog, but she is NOT a walker! Around the block and to the park. She comes back rasping so loudly you'd swear she was on death's door,and just plunks down as close to me as she can get. She was sitting on my feet until kiddo grabbed her old doll stroller and is now happily rolling Tina Bean around the house! The dog is LOVING it!!

I am now changing her name to Tina Bean Roll Pug.

Assessments class today left something to be desired... one of the other girls missed the last class, so I took an hour and showed her how to do each test. In doing this I was focussing more on the names of the special tests (appley's scratch, empty can, lift off, speeds etc) not what they were supposed to be testing. I felt smart, knew what I was doing, didn't have to look at my notes, just clicking it off... WELL wouldn't you know it, my name was called for spot testing. I'm all confident, thinking I'm about to get an easy 5%, so off I head into the small clinic where my hot orthopedic assessments instructor and my body are waiting. He asks the first question, I nail it, he asks the second question, I nail it, he asks the third question "do a special test for the supraspinatous" and I blank... not a bloody clue. 2 out of 3, not to bad I guess.


  1. "Not a bloody clue!", too funny. I am sorry that you blanked on the spot, that is never fun. But as you and the song say, 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

    That dog is adorable, I love pugs.

    Best of luck! :) BTW Found you on the help forum, hope you will check out my blogs :)

  2. I think she's cute-cute, not ugly-cute.