Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm just saying, you stink!

I know I don't smell like sunshine and roses all the time. But why should I have to endure the smell of a fresh fart in the middle of a narrow hallway?

When you exit the clinic, you can turn right to go the main lobby and the wachrooms, or you can turn left to go to the lecture halls where the paramedic students hang out, the gym and the stairs to the next level. A bunch of us left clinic this morning, enroute to the lobby to get a coffee when a group of paramedic boys squeezed passed on the way back to class. Then the smell hit, it was brutal!

So to the awsome paramedic student, who just had to eat burritos last night and then waited for the perfect opportunity to let one rip in one of the tightest space ever, so that the smell could properly escape. I would like to say, I hate you. And I really despise your fart.

I'm just saying... you stink!