Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rally Day 2010

I spent the day in the company of 14,463 people! I'm exhausted.

2010 marks 100 years of Girl Guides in Canada. Today was National Rally Day, a once in a lifetime chance to celebrate all things Guiding with Members from coast to coast on the same day!

We left the local mall 7:15 this morning and travelled via school bus to Ontario Place in Toronto. We spent the day singing, dancing, doing crafts, and laughing. All in all, it was a great day....

Highlights: I was pulled out to learn/teach an east Indian dance in front of everyone, 2 left feet and all. Good thing I've taken all those Zumba classes! The drum circle and the weather station. All 10 members of my unit had a wonderful time.

Low lights: losing one of my guides during in the Activ8 Zone! I was 2 seconds away from a complete melt down, when she wandered around the corner, "I was looking, but I couldn't find you". That I was pulled out to learn/teach an east Indian dance in front of everyone

The rally day service project collected over 6 thousand pounds of food and 1100 packages of seeds to help eradicate hunger!

I can barely keep my eyes may be posted tomorrow (after I go through them, at this point I'm can't even be sure I took any).


  1. That was quite a crowd! (Even a guide could get lost)

  2. What an exciting day. I look forward to learning more about your adventures.

  3. What very exciting day!!!! Sleep well you deserve it after a day like todays.